Women In Yoga

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Women In Yoga

Women In Yoga

Connecting people to yoga through NFT Art. 

❝ Ladies in yoga is a NFT Art assortment living on the Ethereum organization. We are craftsmen on the most fundamental level. The fun of doing workmanship rouses and drives us. ❞

Women In Yoga

Women In Yoga Road-map

Local area Building
Building serious areas of strength for an of Yoga and Art devotees.

NFT Collection 1.0
Presale and Public Sale of our first, restricted NFT craftsmanship assortment in July 2022. The stock will be 1008.

NFT Collection 2.0
Delivering our second craftsmanship assortment in December 2022. The topic of the NFT Art assortment will be chosen by our local area.

Building A Long-Lasting Brand
Our vision post our second craftsmanship assortment is to make Women In Yoga a worldwide brand making items only for the Yoga people group. We plan to arrive by collaborating with Brands, and yoga studios.

Women In Yoga

WIY endeavors bring issues to light about the psychological and actual medical advantages of Yoga.
Ladies make up 72 % of the world’s absolute yoga experts, making them ideal ministers to convey the message forward.

About the artist

The craftsman behind Women in Yoga is the berlin-based Artist/Designer/Architect Shankar Ramakrishnan. Shankar hails from a conventional south Indian family and is significantly energetic about yoga. His energy is to associate individuals to yoga through his craft.

Out of this energy came out the Art project Yoga in Art ( yogainart.com). Yoga in Art is a brand that sells craftsmanship on Yoga solely through its E-business store yogainart.com. Since its commencement in 2021 June, It has made around 60,000€ in deals, and it’s going firmly towards its subsequent year. He really finds incredible fulfillment through when his clients value his administration.

Following a fruitful year in the E-trade space, He has collaborated with his long-term companion/partner Mostafa Seleem for the NFT Project Women In Yoga.


Ladies In Yoga is a NFT Art venture to associate individuals to yoga through NFT Art. One of the undertaking’s key objectives is to bring issues to light about the psychological and actual medical advantages of Yoga. Ladies make up around 72% of the world’s complete yoga professionals, making them ideal ministers to convey the message forward.

Yoga implies association – Union of the body, psyche, and soul. Yoga and reflection are polished by ladies of many races, nationalities, countries, religions, and societies. This is the story something that the NFT project is endeavoring to catch and tell. We want to transform Women in Yoga into a development by encouraging areas of strength for a through our work.

Workmanship has been demonstrated to be the best vehicle for achieving social change. It’s the nearest one can get to contacting somebody’s heart. On the off chance that you could contact somebody’s heart that is boundless.


Holders of ladies in yoga will approach our tomfoolery and cherishing local area. Holders of the NFT will have the likelihood to add to the subsequent series discharge in December 2022, as well as getting benefits being holder of first series.

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