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Top 10 Metaverse Games of The Week

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Notice that all data given here is provided to report the activities in a week and the latest updates are added to the page every weekend (Numbers are not live).

This is not financial or investment advice. Please do your own research before any trade.

Top Metaverse Projects of July 2022 / 2nd Week

Metaverse ProjectVolumeProfitFloor PriceOwnersItemsTotal Sale
The Sandbox748.08 ETH+8.86%2.08 ETH21.5K160.0K170.1K ETH
Decentraland343.68 ETH+26.73%2.26 ETH7.4k97.6k231.9K ETH
Town Star138.93 ETH-29.00%<0.01 ETH35.7K24525.4K ETH
NFT Worlds109.39 ETH-22.63%3.2 ETH78310.0K49.9K ETH
Traverse Plots77.35 ETH-19.69%1.19 ETH3.5k10.4K15.0K ETH
Aurory1,736 SOL-3.52%45 SOL3.0K10.0K92.9K SOL
Worldwide Webb Land45.63 ETH-26.96%0.54 ETH4.5K9.5K24.9K ETH
Portals1,402 SOL-37.95%38 SOL2.9K5.0K214.4K SOL
Arcade Land41.34 ETH+28.31%0.21 ETH5.3K10.0K18.2K ETH
Citizens by Solsteads1,191 SOL+21.43%4.1 SOL5.4K13.6k68.0K SOL

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