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Cyberia NFT

Description: The successful development of advanced brain-machine interfaces by elite human scientists led to the emergence of new intelligent species and...
rafiullah rahmani
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The Busy Bees Club Long ago humans and bees had a special symbiotic relationship. The bees pollinated our land giving us...
rafiullah rahmani
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Meta Pharaohs

Description: A unique collection of 9000 Digital Artworks Meta Pharaohs brings Real Art into the NFT Space, unveiling a community-driven project...
rafiullah rahmani
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A Single CryptoPunk NFT Just Went For A Jaw-Dropping 8000 ETH

CryptoPunk #5822 is now the highest-selling NFT from the collection after pulling 8000 ETH or around $23 Million! The OG collectible...
rafiullah rahmani
1 min read

Doodle Toadz

Description: Doodle Toadz is a collection of 5555 unique randomly generated NFTs living on Ethereum Blockchain, assembled from over 200 different...
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Meta SpaceBoys

We are an awesome community of 4,200 friends, discovering new lives in the galaxy
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Monkey Heist Club – Play2Earn game

Introducing Monkey Heist Club, story of 5,555 dope animated monkeys that became world-famous thieves… In the story behind this collection, you...
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Cereal Club

10,000 Cereal Munchers.Pioneering a newhybrid ECOSYSTEM. Cereal Club is a collection of algorithmically generated munchers minted as NFTs on the Ethereum...
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