Sacred Tails 3D PVP battle

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Sacred Tails, The gaming industry has embraced the metaverse in unparalleled way, that’s expected to grow at 13.1% CAGR, to become a Behemoth of an industry.

Sacred Tails

Sacred Tails

METAVERSE MARKET SIZE (2024) $784 Billion

Sacred Tails, The gaming business has embraced the metaverse in an unmatched manner, in a market that is supposed to develop at a 13.1% CAGR, to turn into a Behemoth of an industry, developing from $478B in 2020. As a matter of fact the complete Metaverse market size might arrive at 2.7x that of the general gaming programming, administrations and promoting income.


P2E games are acquiring huge consideration from one side of the planet to the other and this dramatically developing reception is driven by the capacity to deliver a fair pay, explicitly by the people who live in emerging countries, which is the reason we’re still scarcely starting to expose what’s underneath as of now…


Presently doubtlessly that the NFT market by and large is getting, but assuming focus in on the second from last quarter of 2021 alone, in-game things produced $2.3 billion in exchanging volume, Which addresses 22% of the absolute NFT exchanging volume

WHAT IS Sacred Tails ABOUT?

Sacred Tails is a 3D PVP battle game inspired by the nostalgic greats of the past.


Sacrosanct Tails is based around our legendary characters called Shinsei.
Various varieties of body parts and extraordinariness levels make a totally private
Shinsei with each mint.
The details of the Shinsei fluctuate as per the uncommonness of each
body part making each Shinsei assume an essentially unique part in your group.
There are 12 natural sorts with the initial 6 being accessible at first
on the send off of the game.

Sacred Tails ELEMENTS







Shinseis skills/powers are set according to their:

Body: Speed

Head: Health

Accessory: Attack

Ears: Defense

Tail: Luck

How to earn

Our players complete difficulties and take part in fights to procure the in-game money $STS, which they can use for reproducing, to buy in-game advantages or money in/out to $ST. Player Versus Player will be firmly boosted with week by week and month to month competitions for genuine cash available to anyone. Likewise we will give the choice to bet money in fights against different players in the event that you so decide!

Obviously, financial backers can likewise decide to procure latently by basically depending on move charges of which holders get 2% of the complete 5% expense material on $STS charges, which thus additionally increment the security of our tokens by offering a reliable return. This will consider ensured and stable volumes to inactive financial backers.

Inside the tails institute, a few financial backers might choose to permit explicit players to utilize their own Shinsei for use inside the stage, whereupon any created incomes are shared upon a commonly concurred split. It is our job here to ensure the resources/installments to the two players in a safe/controlled climate

How we stand apart

A considerable lot of the P2E games depend on the Ethereum organization and madly high gas expenses just objective issues with versatility. We accept that our decision in the Binance Smart Chain won’t just downplay costs yet in addition flaunts prevalent organization speeds. This assists us with downplaying expenses and makes us more alluring for reception in the long haul.

Our perpetual adaptability choices and open world idea permits our players to make their own organizations by rearing their own Shinsei and redoing them and associating with different players inside the metaverse Offering players a broad cluster of customisation by coordinating NFT MoveSpheres and reproducing decisions it will open up a steadily extending meta of ongoing interaction styles.

We’ve gone through innumerable hours concentrating on the methodology through which a portion of our #1 games were fabricated and have looked to make a one of a kind game that actually offers a nostalgic turn that makes certain to do something amazing for a large number of players who are yearning to remember those encounters that these incredible games brought along.

Consecrated Tails was planned starting from the earliest stage to be simply serious. With the immense variety of various playstyles conceivable with the assortment in details and components it opens the entryway for the absolute best of players to truly sparkle without the need to burn through huge amounts of cash to be cutthroat.

Sacred Tails Tokenomics

This is the way to predictable and quick development. With week after week and month to month prize pools produced by the actual duty the competition pools will ascend with the player count, making a compounding phenomenon. Rather than supporting E-Sports groups, we will be welcoming them to our competitions.

The Sacred Tails token is worked around the possibility of $ST being the essential cash for all NFT resources accessible for buy in game. For this reason we reward our holders in our local token $ST. By just holding the symbolic you can reinvest the prizes straight once again into the game, eliminating that pay obstruction that so many P2E games experience the ill effects of.

Promoting AND
The distributed 3% will guarantee sufficient assets are gathered to empower us to draw in and select top notch ability to plan the ongoing interaction and foster Sacred Tails further. This thusly will convert into a stage that envelops a first rate insight inside strong innovation, empowering us to fabricate a versatile business as long as possible


Shinsei can be gathered, exchanged and sold inside our commercial center. Players can likewise buy in-game cosmetical things and moves for a more redone and customized metaverse experience. Moves will be set as NFTs that are available from our commercial center that can be instructed to a Shinsei and is paid for utilizing $STS. After that this NFT is singed.

Moves In/Out of game
To trade out and out of the game there will be a set exchange expense of 5% of which holders will get 2% in remunerations through each exchange in and out. Making a consistent and stable progression of volume for holders.
Dissimilar to other P2E games there could be no alternate way might you at any point buy the in game cash $STS beside a direct 1:1 trade with our local token $ST.

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