Qatar 2022 Metaverse NFT World Cup

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Welcome to the Qatar 2022 Metaverse NFT World Cup

 Qatar 2022 Metaverse NFT World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is booked to be the 22nd running of the FIFA World Cup rivalry, the quadrennial global men’s football title challenged by the public groups of the part relationship of FIFA. It is booked to occur in Qatar from the 21st of November to the eighteenth of December 2022.

Qatar2022 is a Dynamic World Cup Themed NFT Project made by experienced Blockchain designers with an affection for Football.

The First Collection of NFT’s will be a prizes and gathering pledges Project that will make Collection 2 potential. It is made fully expecting the World Cup for NFT and Animal darlings. It will comprise of 9,900 NFT’s (100 groups with 99 players) with Different Jerseys and Flags that address various Animals from around the World.

half of all assets raised from Minting will be passed back to NFT Holders through the Smart Contract, contests and World Cup results. The other half of Funds will be utilized for Development, Marketing and Brand Growth.

Assortment 2 of the Qatar2022 World Cup NFT Project will comprise of Real Artistic Impressions of World Cup Players and Teams. Assortment 2 will be restricted to addressing the 32 Countries and players that Made it to the World Cup stage.

These NFT’s will be Dynamic which implies the players and group results will refresh on the NFT through the Blockchain to provide you with a truly computerized piece of History. Objectives Scored, Golden Boot, Golden Glove, World Cup champs and More will be refreshed on the NFT. This implies the uncommonness of your NFT will change as the World Cup works out.

 Qatar 2022 Metaverse NFT World Cup

 Qatar 2022 Metaverse NFT World Cup REWARDS

We will circulate half of NFT deals benefit, into hodlers as the compensations of execution reflection and marking profits.

Collection1 NFT maps the genuine players going to in Qatar2022 into Metaverse. In view of the planned players execution in the World Cup, NFT hodlers will get rewards.

Simultaneously as the finish of World Cup in eighteenth December 2022, champs will be reported.

What’s more, hodlers will get compensations from match result wagering by marking NFTs.


While in world cup, we likewise give match result wagering.

You can get any match, with anticipated objectives of each groups.

You win, then you will get rewards.

10% of remunerations will be disseminated to the NFT

How much does it cost to mint NFT?

Each NFT will cost 100 Matic to mint with Gas fees expected to only cost a few cents.

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