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Lady Ape Club

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Lady Ape Club is more than just an avatar

Lady Ape Club

Lady Ape Club

Lady Ape Club is more than just an avatar

Lady Ape Club (LAC) is a collection of 10,000 Lady Ape NFTs. To explain, LAC isn’t subsidiary with Yuga Labs.
In any case, the NFT assortment will give buyers
full possession and business use freedoms.
Moreover, 100 of these NFTs will be airdropped to
100 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holders.

Lady Ape Club THE TEAM


Chief executive and
mastermind of the
Lady Ape Club

Betty Boop

Has a ruptured cervical disk


The classy sommelier

Lady Ape Club ROAD MAP

We have detailed milestones set in place to show
that we are here for the long run.

We have detailed milestones set in place to show
that we are here for the long run.

Lady Ape Club Diamonds

LAC’s one of a kind utility token is the ‘Diamond’
These have no genuine market
esteem beyond LAC.
Holders can procure ‘Jewels’ through
missions and use them to buy
things through the LAC Shop.

STRMNFT & LAC Promotions

  1. Register in STRMNFT Marketplace
    When you register on STRMNFT,
    you will get 300 Diamonds.
    Join here: https://www.strmnft.com
  2. Register in LAC NFT Shop
    After you register on the LAC NFT Shop,
    you will get 300 extra Diamonds.
    Join here: (connect here; I can’t find where to enlist at https://ladyapeclub.com/)

Note: Make sure to join first on STRMNFT
prior to endeavoring to enroll on the LAC NFT Shop.

  1. Follow LAC Social Media
    You can likewise get up to 150 Diamonds
    by essentially following our authority virtual entertainment channels,
    especially Twitter and Discord.
    This reward is accessible just once per individual.
    We won’t support the individuals who endeavor to bypass this standard.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladyapeclub
Strife: https://discord.com/welcome/Ban6ZBy5V2

  1. Retweet Our Pinned Post
    LAC will likewise stick significant declarations once in a while.
    LAC NFT holders who retweet our stuck posts can acquire 50 Diamonds.
    Send us a screen capture of your retweet close by your LAC enrollment ID
    (e.g., https://prnt.sc/3S0Tpw1-PBtE)

Breeding Baby Apes

Child Apes are partitioned into three levels:
Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
Level Grades are given haphazardly when
reproduced utilizing ‘DNA’ and a ‘Gems Box’.

Lady Ape Club Story

Bored Ape #5668 was fed up of the boring life cycle of partying, booze, and other vices. Luckily, he managed to escape from the Boring Island! Soon after, he met the lovely Lady Ape #0. Little did they know what delightful surprise awaited them after their baby ape was born.

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