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KLAYMETA: The best P2E NFT Gaming Ecosystem

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Contents to Cover:

1. What is KLAYMETA?

2. Summon your KLAYMETA NFT Avatar!

3. Introducing Fusion

4. KLAYMETA Fusion provides you increased gameplay options

5. The new KLAYMETA NFT game mode – Experience

6. Sign up for the developing KLAYMETA NFT community now!

KLAYMETA is a popular play-and-earn game redefining the boundaries of MMORPG gaming with NFT avatars. This sustainable economy is made possible through several measures, including KLAYMETA’s unique breeding mechanism, Fusion, which launched earlier this year. Significantly, the ‘gameplay-centered’ project  entices users with their progression features, in which the summoning and Fusion of the Avatar NFTs play a key role.

Just lately, the workforce extra a new sport method into the developing ecosystem called Journey. KLAYMETA is hosted on the Klaytn blockchain, and is launching before long on the BNB intelligent chain.

This task has unbelievable opportunity, with an approaching integration of a metaverse. Also, KLAYMETA’s Avatars, which are all exceptional NFTs, provide a uncomplicated and lower-cost entry point into this welcoming ecosystem.

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What is KLAYMETA? 

KLAYMETA is a distinctive P2E activity that wants to problem the standing quo of NFT gaming. Designed by Natris, the group driving Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, KLAYMETA has NFT avatars, staking, and breeding mechanisms. Moreover, buyers can get pleasure from quests and adventure gameplay through its META quest function.

There is also a manufacturer new Experience video game, designs for significantly a lot more, which include an expansive ecosystem. Considerably, KLAYMETA also has its own indigenous token, termed $META. This token is out there to use throughout the KLAYMETA universe.

Summon your KLAYMETA NFT Avatar!

The avatars are an critical part of the extensive ecosystem. To make clear, every avatar is a special NFT with its own attributes and techniques. Making use of the “summon avatar” element generates random metrics in class, attributes, elements, visual appearance, and products for your character.

Place merely, it is a exceptional alter moi of the player in the KLAYMETA universe. As soon as you have your NFT avatar, you can use it in equally Meta Quest and Journey modes.

You will have to use the summon avatar feature to get your really have avatar. One particular NFT avatar expenditures 30 $KLAY or 40 $KAI, equal to all-around $8.5 bucks. You swap the $KLAY or $KAI for 1 $MST – this is the KLAYMETA summon token. With this, you can get your really very own special NFT avatar.

Moreover, you can combine a few avatars and 10 $META to summon a person new unbelievably unusual avatar. In contrast to normal summons, Light and Dim aspects can come about owing to this exciting transformation. 

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Introducing Fusion

Progression style games are becoming hugely popular. Their new Fusion feature was added this year to make the most of the progression in KLAYMETA’s MMORPG game. 

Fusion is not only a deflationary mechanism that offers KLAYMETA a future proof system economic model, but it also provides a hugely sustainable NFT population. Previously, other popular NFT games have suffered from NFT overpopulation. Accordingly, this Fusion upgrade system aims to reduce this occurrence in the KLAYMETA ecosystem.

Significantly, Fusion encourages gameplay. To illustrate, players get numerous rewards after questing or adventuring. With this, they can save up, buy a new avatar, and even fuse it with their previous avatar.

Essentially, Fusion allows the player to progress through the game alongside their avatar. Users will have the chance to to develop their quests and adventures while increasing base combat skills or character points.

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What is Fusion?

Fusion is KLAYMETA’s version of breeding and a way for players to journey in tandem with their avatar through the KLAYMETA ecosystem, establishing a new playstyle for the P2E genre. The goal of Fusion is to create a stronger Avatar for you to quest and adventure with. Instead of being completely random, Fusion allows your base avatar to lock up two pieces of equipment with attributes that you do not want to lose during the Fusion process.

How Does it Work?

Fusion works by combining two avatars together at an initial cost of 6 $META, increasing after each subsequent Fusion. The two avatars involved are:

● Base Avatar: The Avatar inheriting the equipment, appearance, or element based on a probability scale.
● Sacrificial Avatar: Offering their stats to the base avatar during Fusion, burnt immediately after.

Each Fuse has a chance to target five types of equipment and three types of appearances:

● Helmet, armor, gloves, main weapon, and sub-Weapon.
● Background, head, and color.

The probability of each item being fused is a flat 50%, as shown in the image below.

Fundamentally, Fusion is meant to make your Avatar even stronger, increasing its base CP, or character points. For example, the avatar above’s weaknesses are its gloves. Thus, it would benefit from fusing with a sacrificial avatar that has level five gloves.

If the probability is right, your Avatar can inherit the level five gloves and become stronger. However, there’s always a chance that it doesn’t go as planned! Items on the base Avatar can always be broken.  Hence, this is why you should play your fuses strategically, emphasizing the importance of the two-item lockup!

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In search of the greatest bonuses, players should always be locking up items that are closest to achieving a full set. Avatars with full equipment sets will receive set bonuses, increasing the strength of the Avatar even further. In short, this will help them earn more $META in the long run.

Players have always loved games with set bonuses such as Diablo. Now, this feature focusing on game progression is echoed within KLAMYETA. Once a sacrificial avatar is used, it can still be viewed but will be shown as ‘burned’, indicating it has been used as a sacrificial avatar in the fusion process.

KLAYMETA Fusion provides you increased gameplay options

In its place of the common summon, Fusion enables you manage more than the transformation process. Buyers can pick out two machines merchandise with attributes they want to keep, no matter if for aesthetics or practicality.

Fusion is effective by combining two avatars for 6 $META, despite the fact that the price improves immediately after every Fusion you accomplish.

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The new KLAYMETA NFT game mode – Experience

The Journey video game mode is a intriguing concept by KLAYMETA, which desires to obstacle gamers, inspire them to use Fusion, and enhance their avatars.

To start off, you have to summon 5 or much less avatars that with each other reach the necessities for just about every set Experience. 

KLAYMETA Journey difficulty levels are D Rank(3), C Rank(3), B Rank(2), A Rank(1), and S Rank(1). When an Journey is entire, the recreation resets with new parameters but retains the similar issue. 

By way of completion of just about every Journey, gamers get paid META factors and crafting materials. Set simply, the more sophisticated the Adventure, the increased the benefits on present.

Sign up for the developing KLAYMETA NFT community now!

So you want to join the KLAYMETA universe and make your really possess special avatar. To participate, head to the KLAYMETA site, and summon your first avatar! For close to $8.5, you can commence an extraordinary journey inside of this developing ecosystem that presents sustainable P2E video game mechanics and progressive gaming.

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rafiullah rahmani Freelancing since 2020. Worked with a wide variety of clients from different sectors including the hospitality, tech, business services, travel & education. I love thinking, learning, and writing about all things Web3, particularly its impact on major creative industries.

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