Follow The Whales

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Project’s Details: Coming Soon

Follow the Whales is a collection of 7000 Whales in Business NFTs—unique digital collectibles swimming on the Ethereum Blockchain

Whales in Business NFTs are handcrafted & made up with 200+ exciting traits of expressions, heads, outfits, body and backgrounds. The artist behind the Collection is a highly talented creator from Italy that has played an important role in different NFT projects!

Holding a Whale in Business allows you to access the Whales Lab — high-tech laboratory deep in the sea that contains the most cutting-edge technologies for investment in NFTs.

The most important to mention is the Whale Tracker.

THE WHALES TRACKER is a software which is able to monitor every single activity, purchase, sale and minting carried out by the NFT Whales (Top NFT Investors).

This allows the owners of the Whales in Business to take part in NFT projects without wasting hours of their time looking for the next project which will take them to the moon!

This is done through an innovative Copytrading mechanism developed in the depths of The Whale Lab

Get ready to become the next new whale in the NFT space!

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