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Everything You Need To Know About The Mines Of Dalarnia Game Launch

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Blockchain infrastructure platform, Chromia today, April 26, announced the launch of the blockchain adventure game, Mines of Dalarnia (MoD). Launched in collaboration with video game developer, WorkinMan Interactive, MoD is a free-to-play, play-to-earn mining game. It is based on the Binance BNB chain.

“Blockchain gives the gaming scene an amazing chance to repay players for the time and exertion that they put into messing around,” said Keith McCullough, COO of WorkinMan Interactive. “It’s an opportunity for individuals to be monetarily compensated for doing things they appreciate. We’re so glad to give the Mines of Dalarnia people group the capacity to procure prizes while they play a game that they love.”

Mines Of Dalarnia: The ongoing interaction made sense of
An activity experience game, Mines Of Dalarnia unites battle and prison slithering under a solitary rooftop. To make sense of, players have to dig for assets and consolidate different in-game things in the intergalactic universe. Then, they can work on their abilities to battle foes and track down uncommon relics and curios.

When you join the game, you can either turn into a digger or a LAND proprietor. The previous’ job is to dig for assets and work on their hardware. Then again, diggers can likewise offer the assets to different players or use them to create beauty care products, consumables, weapons, and other gear.

They can likewise make “Terraforming Capsule”, which the LAND proprietors will buy to deal with their plots. Making and redesigning gear is vital for increment the players’ power level.

The Mines Of Dalarnia universe is comprised of a scope of planets, each isolated into a 40 x 40 lattice of LAND plots. Presently, LAND proprietors, as the name recommends, own different remarkable, in-game land plots. They can lease their LAND to excavators in return for $DAR, the game’s utility token. Along these lines, LAND proprietors can produce a virtual land pay. Furthermore, they can likewise mine assets on their own property free of charge.

As indicated by its guide, Mines Of Dalarnia will send off its in-game commercial center in Q2 2022. Then, a versatile application, serious game modes, and token prizes will continue in Q3.

Let the numbers do the talking!

Already, in its pre-launch phase, Mines Of Dalarnia attained over 90,000 monthly registered players. Reportedly, last year alone, players took part in 600,000 mining sessions. Moreover, the secondary market sales of LAND plots have crossed $1 million. 

During the mainnet launch, the MoD will also give away hundreds of NFTs and $40,000 worth of $DAR to its testnet players. After all, the game’s 200,000-strong community members have been eagerly awaiting MoD’s launch!

A blockchain platform, Chromia makes it easy for people to build dApps in the real world. The company is most famous for My Neighbor Alice, a multi-player builder game. Apart from games, the platform also supports real estate, music, and art, among others. 

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