Everything About The Ragnarok Meta NFT Game

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Ragnarok Meta is a new blockchain game that brings together NFTs, lore, the metaverse, and role-play gaming. Created by a team of crypto and anime lovers, the play-to-earn game aims to create a fun and hyper-social metaverse for all. With plenty of utilities, the game has already amassed a huge fan following—we’re talking over 185,000 followers on Twitter alone!

What is The Ragnarok Meta NFT game?

Put simply, Ragnarok Meta is a browser-based, Web3 Multiplayer Role Playing Game. Apparently, the developers created the game due to a dearth of fun games in the crypto space. Their idea was to create a Web3 game with a strong narrative. Incredibly, the game is backed by 77 Manga chapters which the team will release over the next three years.

First and foremost, Ragnarok Meta offers a gaming metaverse where players can explore new dimensions, play, and hang out with friends—all as the in-game avatars. There are both PvP and PvE gaming modes, leveling, class advancement, looting, NFT crafting, trading and owning real estate, and much more. 

But first, players have to get the Ronin Zero NFTs to enter the Ragnarok metaverse. Currently, the Genesis Ronin NFT collection features 7,777 avatars. Each Ronin comes with a range of accessories including weapons, X-ray glasses, VR headsets, and others. What’s more, owning the genesis NFTs will give you both in-game and financial advantages. 

Ragnarok dropped the genesis collection on April 27. In just a few days, the collection’s floor is already at 2.51 ETH on OpenSea!

While the NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain, the game is on Avalanche. Furthermore, $RAG is the game’s main currency. Needless to say, the token promises to have high utility in the gaming ecosystem. 

What about the roadmap?

One of the primary reasons fans love the Ragnarok project is its solid roadmap. Firstly, stage one of the project began with the Alpha demo. Now that the Ronin Zero NFTs have been released, the project will release animated in-game characters in May. This will be your chance to take a look at the first map, explore the world, and have fun! The same month, Ronin Zero breeding will also go live.

Next, the much-awaited Ragnarok marketplace will release in June. Here, you can buy, rent, or sell your Ronins. The project will also release the first of the 77 Manga chapters and new in-game features this month. 

Combat, quests, looting, and the release of full RPG mechanics are also planned for June. To explain, you will be able to test your weapons, powers, and skills, level up your characters, and changes Classes. 

Then, in July, the first NFT items will go live. Finally, the $RAG token’s initial sale, the first layer of player-to-player combat, and virtual buildings will drop in September. A whole new map, called the Pixel Dimension, is also slated to launch the same month. 

All things considered, Ragnarok Meta offers an exciting NFT and Web3 ecosystem. It offers something for everyone—slay monsters, own virtual buildings, loot objects, earn tokens, and much more. Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait for the game’s official launch to know exactly how it all pans out. For now, you can play the game’s demo on the project’s website.

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