Best News: Metaverse and NFT sign exclusive agreement for Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys

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Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys

The Jackson Family Foundation Japan (situated in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Koga; from now on “JFFJ”); and the NFT Naruto Art Museum (situated in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture; CEO: Taisei Yamaguchi; in the future “NFT Naruto Art Museum”); have consented to a selective arrangement for the NFT and Metaverse freedoms to MJWWT “Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys”

Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys

The NFT Naruto Museum of Art changed its name from “Naruto Galle Forest Museum” to “Naruto Museum of Art” on March 1, 2022. It was the principal exhibition hall in Japan to manage “NFT.” It is the main NFT historical center in Japan that spotlights distributing, examining, selling (essential deals), and conveying (optional deals) NFTs that have to do with the workmanship and fine art.

The underlying foundations of the Jackson family Foundation, which was begun by Michael Jackson’s folks, have an authority branch in Japan. This branch is a foundation that brings in no cash.

The MJWWT project is an anecdote about how Michael Jackson thought of an arrangement for a diversion place to help unfortunate youngsters all over the planet in December 1992, while he was energetically discussing the thought with KENJI KOGA.

We will utilize the drawings he made before he passed on to resurrect in NFT and Metaverse the message he needed to ship off the world.

Jackson Family Foundation Japan

The MJWWT NFT and Metaverse project was begun with the assistance of the JFF and JFFJ (Jackson Family Foundation Japan).

Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys will be whitelisted as the organizer of NFT MUSEUM MEMBERS who can utilize the MUSEUM DAO and NFT’s buy needs, presentations, and limits. On different occasions, for example, whitelisting will be posted on Twitter, Instagram, and disagreement.

Holders of Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys will get need admission to the MJWWT Metaverse, which is planned to be finished on the Metaverse one year from now, a posting on the MJWWT site, which is booked to open before the year’s over, and need passage passes to occasions.




[ Details. ]

Collection name: Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys

Number of pieces sold: 10,000

Private sale: 0.01 ETH (with additional GAS fee) NFT MUSEUM MEMBER and WL holders only

The chain used: Ethereum

Standard: ERC721

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