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  http://rafirahmanee.contently.com Freelancing since 2020. Worked with a wide variety of clients from different sectors including the hospitality, tech, business services, travel & education. I love thinking, learning, and writing about all things Web3, particularly its impact on major creative industries.


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Happy Astronauts

Description: Happy Astronauts is a collection of 10k OG Astronauts. We are developing an open world game on the Unreal Engine 5 that the...
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Century Secret Club

Description: A unique collection of 8888 unique Century Secret Club, stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.
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Bored Meka

Description: Become a Bored Driver – 10,000 Bored Mekas in the Ethereum Network. Engage for WL
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Cyberia NFT

Description: The successful development of advanced brain-machine interfaces by elite human scientists led to the emergence of new intelligent species and triggered the beginning...
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Rich Ape Society

Description Collection of 3,333 NFTs on the Solana network. Date: March 19 | 22:00 UTC Public price: 1 SOL Welcome to the Rich Ape Society Prestigious...
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The Busy Bees Club Long ago humans and bees had a special symbiotic relationship. The bees pollinated our land giving us plants, fruits, vegetables,...
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Meta Pharaohs

Description: A unique collection of 9000 Digital Artworks Meta Pharaohs brings Real Art into the NFT Space, unveiling a community-driven project with real cultural...
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Metalink and OpenSea partner to power the future of NFT communities

OpenSea has just announced a dedicated server on Metalink for its verified users; which will give them a direct channel to interact with OpenSea...
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A Single CryptoPunk NFT Just Went For A Jaw-Dropping 8000 ETH

CryptoPunk #5822 is now the highest-selling NFT from the collection after pulling 8000 ETH or around $23 Million! The OG collectible is undoubtedly among...
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Meta Triads

Description: Own Clothing Brands in 3 WorldsThe First Marketplace Uniting All 3: Metaverse, AR & Physical World.  What are Meta Triads? Meta Triads are...
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