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PRISM NFT Marketplace: NuPay Technologies’ New Pro-Creator Platform

PRISM, the new NFT marketplace from blockchain developer NuPay Technologies is officially live. This new all-purpose NFT marketplace just launched its open beta version....
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Galactic Octoborgz Solana Adventure

GOSA; is an NFT collection built using Solana Blockchain, consisting of 8888 NFT’s as Genesis Collection. This Collection includes 4444 Organics and 4444 Robots....
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Dogface Army NFT

World’s first military veteran based NFT project set to launch on Open sea The Dogface NFT collection is the first project on OpenSea created...
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Warner Music Group x Splinterlands Partnership Dawns a New Age in Web3

Today, the giant music company Warner Music Group (WMG) revealed its latest collaboration with Splinterlands. Together, the duo will allow WMG artists to develop...
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Spotify Metaverse Jobs: The Music Service Is Hiring Web3 Engineers Now

The Swedish-American audio streaming platform Spotify has just announced a vacancy for a Web3-focused senior back-end engineer. This all points towards a Spotify master...
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Apparently, 86% of Freelancers Have Profited From Web3 Related Services

Aside from artists, gamers and content creators, freelancers are also reaping the rewards of joining the Web3 revolution. Impressively, 86% of freelancers said that...
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The Alison Parker Murder Video Is Turned Into An NFT In An Attempt To Claim Ownership

Trigger warning: depiction or discussion of violence and murder Andy Parker, the father of the murdered journalist Alison Parker, is reclaiming his daughter’s murder...
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Snoop Dogg NFTs: Everything You Need To Know About The Doggies

In exciting news for both Snoop Dogg and The Sandbox fans, Snoop Dogg avatar NFTs have landed on The Sandbox! The metaverse game launched...
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Guy Who Blew Up Lambo To Protest ‘Greed’ Aims To Make 23k+ With NFTs

After blowing up a Lamborghini Huracán, NFT artist, SHL0MS, is dropping the $CAR NFT collection. This collection features 999 fragments of the detonated sports...
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