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6 Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

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Best NFT Creator Software

Best NFT Creator Software

Looking for the best software for creating NFTs? We’ve listed the best NFT creator software below!

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a non-reversible unit of data that has been stored on the blockchain. These units are unique so they cannot be replicated. They are also used to represent real-world items like artwork.

Best NFT Creator Software

NFTs came into existence in 2014 and became popular at the beginning of 2020. The purpose of the NFT marketplace is to buy and sell drawings, games, videos, music, films, etc. These assets are considered and used as speculative assets. You can buy NFTS and sell NFTS globally in the form of digital assets.

There are many platforms for the NFT marketplace. The creators can mint their work using these platforms and the data stored in the blockchain. We have listed the best NFT creator apps/software to make the lives of NFT artists easier.

Top NFT Creator Software

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  1. NFT Creator — Best NFT creator software for professionals
  2. Illustrator — Best NFT drawing and art creation software (Get 65% discount here)
  3. Photoshop — Best for artistic creation (Get 65% discount here)
  4. Krita — Best for illustration and design
  5. SketchAr — Best mobile application for creating NFT art
  6. Nifty Ink — Best NFT creator software for beginners

How to Choose the Best NFT Creator Software

Learning and mastering our skills and style is directly proportional to the increase in their value and the opportunities we may get. To get the best out of these creative skills, let us see how to choose the best creator apps/software to create NFT art.

  • Editing Capacity

Make sure the software has good editing capabilities that suit your needs. Some software only offers basic color grading while others are powerful enough to allow you to manipulate your images. It’s important to take into account all the editing tools available in the software. 

  • Tools and Templates

Check if the software has tools and templates that make your task easier. Limited tools may potentially limit your creativity. If you’re a beginner and you have no idea how to use the tools in the software, check out tutorials and guides online.

  • Precision

Make sure that the software you choose can work with precision. As some art styles are free and expressive, some are also precise and calculated. Having a software tool that allows you to express both art styles is important. Aside from that, the software must be able to generate high-quality graphics so even the smallest details will be clear.

  • Programmed Watermark 

Check if the software automatically applies its watermark on your work once you export it. Some software is programmed to automatically splash their watermark, mentioning the name of the software, over your art. Keeping this in mind, make sure the software is free of such programmed watermarks so your work isn’t branded by someone else’s watermark.

There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for the best NFT creator software. What’s important is you identify what you need and take into consideration the factors above while choosing the best software for you.

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Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

1. NFT Creator

Best NFT Creator Software

NFT Creator app has varying and flexible subscription plans for its users. It has auto-renewal features for weekly and yearly plans. The software gives you a 3-day free trial so you can experience if the app is right for you. After that period,  you can select a subscription plan that costs $3.99/week and $49.99/year.

Numerous art filters can change your image instantly into artIt is compatible only with iOS devices
Various fonts
Import photos from your device
1000+ backgrounds to customize your art

2. Adobe Illustrator

Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

Best drawing and art creation software

Designing is just the beginning that you start with an illustrator. It has many features to create logos, icons, packaging, web graphics, and many more. Illustrator is featured with Adobe Sensei AI which enables you to quickly create, and customize effects.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to use it, not worry it has content and tutorials to help you to gear your skills to the next level.

Illustrator allows you to select the subscription plan according to your needs whether you are a teacher, student, for business purposes or if you want an illustration for practice. The subscription for the plan starts from $22.12/month to $35.85/month depending on the selected plan.

Enhanced 3D effectsOccupy a lot of space in the device
Auto font activation which automatically activates the available fonts from the Adobe Fonts
In-app Learning panel which had tutorials helping everyone learn illustrator easily

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3. Adobe Photoshop

Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

Best for artistic creation

A wide selection of tools that will help you fully customize your artworkCan not manage and store files
Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android

4. Krita

Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

Best for illustration and design

Krita is an application that has multiple features that helps out artists with their digital painting process. The app enables artists to create illustrations, comics, animations, concept art, or storyboards. Krita has turned out to be a powerful tool for all artists with its innovativeness.

Krita has features that make your creative process easy and seamless. It has many powerful filters and customizable brushes for artists to explore.

Many advanced colors and color management systemsSince it is software for digital painting and artwork, it is less suitable for photos
Readily available training materials
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux

5. SketchAr

Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

Best mobile application for creating art

The most innovative mobile application where you can create, sell and explore unique digital art.

SketchAr has the advantage of converting art into NFT directly for no cost.

Another notable feature is that it allows users to submit their artwork so that other artists can appreciate them. From all of these submissions, SketchAr chooses the best one weekly. It then features this artwork in its feed as a gift for the artist.

It allows you to create art, share them on any platform and learn from other creators on the platform.

Best experience of AR and AIHas fewer templates comparatively
Converting artwork onto NFT and listing them in the marketplace
Guide for the process of usage for a better experience

6. Nifty Ink

Best NFT Creator Software in 2022

Best NFT creator software for beginners

The easiest platform for web3 artists to create, sell, and earn tokens even without learning the blockchain techniques is Nifty Ink. It is one of the free and interactive platforms for all digital artists to create NFT art and digital art on xDai.

One of the easiest software to learn for beginnersIt has a poor framework
It is free


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